Contact & Hours

2225 E Clay St.

Richmond, VA 23223

Phone: 804-644-0860

Tues-Fri 11-6 Sat 11-5

closed Sun & Mon

8 responses to “Contact & Hours

  1. JL

    Do you all assemble new bikes? if so, how much is the service fee?

  2. Scott Shreve

    I’m planning on ending a bike tour of Virginia in Richmond on January 20th. Would you be able to box up my bicycle to ship it home? And is there a place you’d recommend I stay in Richmond close to your shop and/or the train station as I plan to use Amtrak to get home? Thanks.

    • cyclusbikeshop

      Yes we can box your bike. I would recommend the Main Street Amtrak station, not sure about accommodations. Thanks. -Brett

  3. mike

    I’m thinking buying a used road bike from a friend, without hoods. Would you all be able to either install hoods over my existing brake levers or if that can’t be done, replace the brakes with those that are more compatible with hoods.

  4. Do you guys rent bikes? If so, how much for the day?

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