If you are looking for theBest Women\’s Road Bike Under $500, then look no further. We have done extensive research that includes personal experience and customer reviews to provide you with the information you need on road bikes for women. Bikes come in all shapes and sizes, so we will discuss several aspects of these bikes, including features, benefits of having a womens specific bike (including geometry), how to find the right size bicycle for your body type/height/weight; as well as pros & cons of different types of bicycles. This way it is easy to make an informed decision about which brand or model is right for your needs!

1.Giordano Libero 1.6 Best Women\’s Road Bike Under $500

Giordano Libero 1.6 is a perfect bike for all kinds of riding, from racing to commuting or touring. The design and weight might encourage you to pedal more. 16 speed drivetrain to dominate over the pedaling power while you can precise the speed level. Full aluminum frame compressed the weight level to increase the performance. Double water bottle holder to carry additional water bottle.
The Giordano Libero 1.6 is an excellent choice for those who want a high quality road bike at a reasonable price without sacrificing performance

2.Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1600

The Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1600 is a road bike that will get you where you want to go with speed and comfort. The carbon fiber fork, aluminum frame and dual pivot caliper brakes combine for the perfect blend of stiffness, power and control.
Design: Carbon fiber fork cuts down on vibrations from rough roads. Aluminum road frame provides stiffness and dependable performance. Dual pivot caliper brakes provide excellent braking power in narrow wheels. Speed optimization with Shimano Claris shifters. Accurate geometry for a comfortable ride position

3.Vilano Shadow Best Women\’s Road Bike Under $500

The Vilano Shadow road bike is one of the best entry level bikes in the market. With a lightweight aluminum frame and a carbon fork, this bike offers high-end stiffness for better performance. The butted aluminum frame provides an efficient ride that is comfortable to use on all terrains. The drop handlebars allow for aerodynamic riding, while integrated brake lever and shifters give you superior controlling power. Double walled rims hold the high end stiffness of the bike with wider tires for more traction on any surface. This Vilano Shadow road bike comes with Shimano derail

4.2015 Hasa R4 Best Women\’s Road Bike Under $500

The 2015 Hasa R4 is the best road bike for commuting and racing. The 24 speeds are perfect for all types of terrain with precise control by Shimano ST-2400 shifters. This bike is made out of aluminum to create a light weight frame that can be used as a commuter road bike. The caliper brakes have great resistance with the slim wheelset. Integrated with some quality components of Shimano, this road bike has everything you need to race or commute around town.

5.Bavel Ultra Light Best Women\’s Road Bike Under $500

Bavel Ultra Light is the best choice for you if you want a lightweight bike with high quality. With a combination of aluminum wheelset and carbon steel seatpost, this bike is very light and easy to ride. The disc brakes will give you more resistance when you need it most. This bike is perfect for those who love speed and those who are looking for an exercise!

6.Diamondback Women’s Haanjenn Tero

Diamondback Women’s Haanjenn Tero is an endurance road bike with the upright riding position. This bike has a lightweight aluminum frame, which can provide you with more comfort and safety. The Endurance Geometry of this bike will make your ride more comfortable by reducing the vibrations on your back. You will also enjoy its reliable wheelset that will help you to ride smoothly even on gravel roads. Moreover, it features powerful disc brakes that would not be excessively slipped when you need to stop suddenly. With its wider saddle, it is structured according to women’

7.Raleigh Bikes Women’s Superbe

The Raleigh Bikes Women’s Superbe is a fun and stylish women’s city bike that makes riding easy. The step thru design simply ensures no complications during getting on and off the bike. The reinforced steel frame and compact structure confirmed the 100% strength level, making it incredibly sturdy for everyday use. 7 speed gears brought the dependable speed management into the bike, allowing you to enjoy your ride at any time of day! Available in multiple colors, this bicycle will make you stand out from all other women’s bicycles!

8.Giordano Libero Women’s 1.6 Best Women\’s Road Bike Under $500

Giordano Libero Women’s 1.6 is the choice for women who want to go fast and light. The bike comes with Shimano Claris STI Shifters that can maintain speed level even when you are on challenging ride.
The aluminum frame makes it lightweight but strong enough not to break down during bumpy ride. It also has double water bottle mounting system so you can carry an additional water bottle what you need for hydration during challenging ride.
The cool white and pink color combination can be classy according to a woman’s choice.

9.Sixthreezero Women’s 7-Speed Bicycle


Sixthreezero Women’s 7-Speed Bicycle is an ideal choice for women who want to commute to work, school or just tour around the neighborhood. It has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it easy to carry and transport from one place to another. The upright riding position of this bike provides you with a comfortable ride while allowing you to maintain your balance even if you are carrying something in your hands. Its seven-speed rear derailleur ensures the speed maintenance like a racing bike. You can easily adjust its height

10.Fortified City Commuter Best Women\’s Road Bike Under $500

Fortified City Commuter is a bike that is designed for the urban environment. It comes with rust resistant chain and aluminum frame, puncture resistant tires to eliminate tire puncturing, minor chances of being your bike theft while no requires of additional buying for a bike lock. Fixed gears would be appreciated by those who just want to pedal in a fixed mode. The only thing you need to do if you want to ride it is unlock the front wheel, then start riding!


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