If you are looking for theBest Pedals For Gravel Bike, then look no further. This article will take a deep dive into what to consider when selecting pedals and how to use them on your bike. We will also review some of the Best Pedals For Gravel Bike available in the market.


The Candy 1 pedal is Crankbrothers\’ most affordable clipless pedal. It features the same four-point engagement system as its more expensive siblings, but at a lighter weight and lower price. The Candy 1\’s simple design aids mud clearance, making it ideal for cyclocross racing, mountain biking or commuting to work on your bike. Its large platform provides plenty of space for your shoe so you can clip in with confidence. A replaceable steel cage keeps the cost down while giving you durability in key wear areas.


The LOOK X-Track is a performance pedal with adjustable cleat tension. It features a lightweight and durable aluminum body, SPD compatible and comes with 2 sets of pins for optimal traction. The X-Track also has an adjustable release angle that allows you to customize your pedaling position. This is great for riders who want to optimize their power output or those who have knee problems.

The X-Track is the ideal pedal for all types of riding including road, mountain bike, cyclocross or commuting. It’s light weight makes it perfect for long distance


Speedplay Zero CX/Cromoly Pedals are the industry\’s lightest, strongest and most adjustable clipless pedal. They\’re made of lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloy that is strong enough to withstand the rigors of cyclocross racing yet still float for smoother transitions. The carbon spring can be adjusted to your preferred tension for an optimal feel. As with all Speedplay pedals, the Zero has a wide platform to accommodate any shoe size or cleat type.

4.Shimano M520  Best Pedals For Gravel Bike

The best entry-level gravel bike pedals that won\’t let you down

Shimano M520 pedals are the perfect choice for any rider looking for a pedal with serviceable reliability and fantastic value. The Shimano M520 Pedals offer an adjustable mechanism that can be adjusted to 6 or 15mm of movement, giving riders the ability to customize their fit. The Shimano M520 Pedals also feature adjustable bearings that allow you to get just the right amount of spin on your crankset without compromising power transfer. Available in black only, these pedals are great for commuting or recreational riding.

5.Shimano M540 Best Pedals For Gravel Bike

The best option for bombproof use and ease of serviceability

The Shimano PD-M540 is a fantastic value pedal with an adjustable mechanism and sturdy metal axle collar. The pedals feature a durable body with adjustable bearings, and the SPD cleat system allows for quick engagement. These pedals are built to last, and they\’re sure to keep you pedaling smoothly for years to come.

6.Shimano XTR M9100

The race day gravel pedal with a smooth cleat interface

Product Description in paragraph form: Shimano\’s new XTR M9100 pedal is the ultimate in lightweight performance. The redesigned spindle and bearings provide a smoother, more precise feel for easier engagement on your feet. These pedals are light enough to race but tough enough for everyday riding. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

7.Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3 Best Pedals For Gravel Bike

The best gravel bike pedals for mud lovers or weight weenies

Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3 pedals are the ultimate indoor and outdoor pedal for riders who want a lightweight, easy-entry/exit pedal with an efficient platform that is ideal for all riding styles. The new design features a larger platform area and more surface area on the body of the pedal. This provides increased support when you’re standing to climb or sprint, while also allowing easier entry and exit from the saddle. You can easily adjust your foot placement with a simple twist of each side’s “step-in pins.”

8.Crankbrothers Candy 2

Best gravel pedals for easy access combined with rugged durability

Crankbrothers Candy 2 PEDALS are the perfect choice for riders looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use pedal. These pedals feature a wide platform design that makes them ideal for riders who want to be able to move their feet around easily. The wide platform also provides excellent clearance so you won’t have any trouble clipping in and out of your pedals when you need to get going or stop. Plus, these Crankbrothers Candy 2 PEDALS offer a supported feel that will keep your feet comfortable during long rides.

9.Look X-Track Race

Best for a wider pedalling platform while remaining clipped in

Product Description in paragraph form:
The Look X-Track Race Pedal features a wider than average platform that provides stability and comfort, while the reliable bearings keep you spinning for many miles. The Look X-Track is SPD cleat compatible so it’s easy to clip in and out of your shoes. Available in black or silver, the Look X-Track comes with an extra set of pins so you can adjust them to fit your riding style.
Look pedals are designed by world champion cyclists who know what it takes to win races.

10.DMR V12 Best Pedals For Gravel Bike

The best gravel bike platform pedals

The DMR V12 is a new model in the range of DMR\’s lightweight, low profile, high precision platform pedals. Incorporating many of the best features from its predecessors, the V12 has been designed to provide an excellent platform for all styles of riding and racing. With a concave alloy surface and replaceable pins and internals, it offers great performance at a competitive price.

11.Ritchey Comp V5

A pared down SPD alternative with a splash of colour

Ritchey’s Comp V5 road bike pedals are the perfect choice for riders who want a lightweight, durable pedal that offers great performance. These versatile pedals are compatible with both Shimano SPD and Look Keo cleats, so you can use them on any of your bikes.
The Ritchey Comp V5 features double ball bearings to ensure smooth rotation and keep you rolling for miles. The sealed cartridge bearings will stay clean and last longer than traditional loose bearings, which means less maintenance and more riding time!

12.Ritchey Comp XC

An original off-road riding icon

Ritchey Comp XC Gravel Bike Pedals are specifically designed for all-terrain riding. The durable, lightweight aluminum body features a wide platform with low stack height to provide maximum power transfer and stability. A replaceable steel cage provides additional durability and security from accidental clip-outs. Plus, the bearings are sealed from water and dirt to keep them spinning smoothly mile after mile.

13.Time Cyclo 10 Best Pedals For Gravel Bike

Road bike tech – repurposed for gravel

Time\’s Cyclo 10 folding pedals are a perfect choice for the cyclist who wants to go fast and light. The pedal features Time\’s proprietary Composite Body Technology, which makes it one of the lightest pedals on the market. With an open design that clears mud easily, these pedals are ideal for gravel bikes or any bike where weight is a concern.

14.Crankbrothers Eggbeater 1

Minimalist design that excels in muddy conditions

Crankbrothers Eggbeater 1 gravel bike pedals are the original lightweight, aluminum eggbeaters. They\’re tough, durable and feature four sides of engagement for more contact with your shoes. The Eggbeater 1\’s have a great price to weight ratio that makes them perfect for all types of riding including cyclocross, mountain biking and road cycling.

15.Look X-Track Carbon Ti Best Pedals For Gravel Bike

Trick French composite pedals

Climb with confidence. Fly down the hill. Go farther than you ever thought possible. The Look X-Track Carbon Ti is the perfect pedal for riders who want to push their limits and go anywhere on a bike. It’s built around Look’s new carbon composite body, which saves weight while maintaining strength and stiffness for efficient power transfer and pedaling efficiency. The X-Track also features an oversized body design that gives it a wider platform so your feet can rest comfortably inside, offering increased stability over rough terrain

16.HT M1T Best Pedals For Gravel Bike

The best choice of lightweight riders

The HT M1T is a great choice for riders who prefer to use their feet on the pedals without clipless shoes. These lightweight and durable pedals are designed with a large platform and plenty of float, making them ideal for all types of riding. The German-engineered design features an open design that allows mud and water to drain through the pedal. This makes it possible to ride in wet conditions without damaging your bike or slowing you down.The HT M1T comes with two sets of spindles: one set that is compatible with Shimano SPD

17.Shimano PD-M520 Best Pedals For Gravel Bike

Without question the world\’s most reliable pedal

Shimano PD-M520 Bike Pedals are sold as a pair. They’re designed to be lightweight and durable for longer rides, so you can focus on the road ahead. Shimano PD-M520 pedals feature sealed cartridge bearings that are easy to service yourself when they do wear out, so you don’t have to take your bike in for repairs or replacement.

18.Shimano XTR M9100 Best Pedals For Gravel Bike

All the SPD durability – without the excess weight

Shimano PD-M520 pedals are designed for use with road bikes. They feature a large platform, low stack height and an adjustable release tension mechanism to make them ideal for all types of riding.

Shimano’s PD-M520 pedal is the perfect choice for any rider that needs something reliable to get them around town or on a long ride. The lightweight design makes them easy to install and remove, while the wide platform helps you keep your feet comfortably in place when you need it most. These pedals can be adjusted at any time

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