The Best Electric Bikes Under 300 are perfect for any rider looking to get some exercise. This article is dedicated to some of the best available on the market today, and all of them have a great price point!
Best Electric Bikes Under $300

we have designed an eco-friendly electric bike that makes getting around easy with 14-inch tires front and rear end disc brakes it\’s a great commuting companion it is compact enough to fit into small spaces on your commute take it to the office and plug it in for a quick charge it features dual led headlights to help illuminate most any nighttime environment parking lights and rear brake lights with reflectors keep you visible it can reach distances of over 25 miles with a single charge and can reach speeds of up to 18 miles

per hour

foldable pedals and steering stem for transporting it has a powerful 450 watt motor to help with pedal assist

or full motorized mode with three riding modes it is flexible enough to take you on just about any adventure

our adjustable shock helps with the bumps and provides a smooth ride whether you are a commuter or just want to get around town the gyro c3 gives you a great ride do so

all personnel and put the seat in back in all right we\’re now ready to uh test the pedal assist system

got the uh key just on one key here instead of having a two put the key in the ignition for the battery

the battery on lights have come on here let\’s give it some throttle it\’s pretty good for the test i can\’t

really do the pedal assist to start riding the bike this is the the uh brake for the pedal assist system you see it stops let\’s try it again that appears to be working so so far so good we\’ll continue showing the rest of the controls do here

and then we\’ll take it for a test ride all right let\’s check out the handlebars on this side we have the uh

brake for the rear bike the bell headlight and horn right on the right side we got the Best Electric Bikes Under 300


shimano gear shifter which is six speed

this just tells you your battery battery power so right now all things lit up green yellow and red this is for the

shifting the the uh pedal assist system and here\’s the throttle pretty quiet motor on the front brake when you squeeze it down you want to make sure that there\’s a gap here at least your finger width or you got the thing the brakes are set up incorrectly so make sure on this side here when you squeeze the brake down it does

not bottom out onto the handlebar grip there should be a space here roughly a half inch you


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